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Suicide represents a major public health issue and much research is focusing on the prevention and management of suicidal behavior. The present study aims at the assessment of Warning Signs of Suicide. For this purpose, 100 patients admitted for attempted suicide in Sotiria General Hospital have been included in the study. All patients have been examined through a semi-structured psychiatric interview, the somministration of Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and the assessment of the following Warning Signs: Internalization, Feeling gloomy, Presence of recent trauma in the patient’s history, Change of behavior, Fear, Giving gifts, Depression and Aggression. The results showed that 80% of the sample presented at least two warning signs whereas only 10% of the patients had no warning signs. Moreover, a strong correlation was observed between the total score of depression as assessed with the BDI Scale and the number of Warning Signs. Warning Signs are present with a high percentage in patients who attempt suicide and many authors suggest that they should be included in suicide prevention. Therefore, it is important for all mental health clinicians to integrate the assessment of Warning Signs into their practices and to educate both patients and family members to recognize them.

Key words: Suicide attempt, warning signs for suicide, prevention, depression

G. Moussas, K. Tournikioti, A. Tselebis, E. Rizos, D. Bratis, K. Vasila-Demi (page 153) - Full article (Greek)