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Contemporary research had confirmed the opinion that an unstable familial environment, with expressed negative affects of healthy members, contributes to negative prognosis of patients. Rehabilitation Programs can contribute to reverse this negative atmosphere in families of mentally ill patients. In own research have participated 48 patients and their carers from different settings in the Athens area. We used validated scales (Family Atmosphere Scale, Family Burden Scale and Family Rituals Scale). The measurement took place before and after the participation in the rehabilitation program. We had a 90% follow up rate. Family’s climate, measured with all three scales, showed a statistically significant improvement after the end of the rehabilitation program. The burden was the same for mothers and fathers. The diagnosis and the previous therapeutic methods had an influence on the outcome. Current research verifies the positive outcome of rehabilitation programs in the overall improvement of family’s atmosphere. Early or simultaneous provision of systemic therapy has a positive affect. Other variables like sex, age, education, profession, socioeconomic status, years of illness, hadn’t any significant influence.

Key words: Family atmosphere, family burden, family rituals, rehabilitations programs

S. Martinaki, Ch. Tsopelas, D. Ploumpidis, V. Mavreas (page 145) - Full article (Greek)