Psychiatric care, and especially child psychiatry, is influenced by the modern rational way of economic thinking and the quality of its services is threatened by the demand for greater “productivity”. This way of thinking leads to the phenomenon of the continuously increasing neglect of psychotherapeutic interventions. In this particular study we compare the possibilities and the effectiveness between pharmaceutical and psychotherapeutic treatment of mental diseases and emphasize the therapeutic value of interpersonal relation between therapist and patient in any case. We try even to describe and compare three psychiatric approaches (biological/neurological, descriptive and psychoanalytic/psychodynamic) in an attempt to understand and treat mental diseases. Finally, we mark out the necessity of the existence of a psychotherapeutic culture and the application of psychotherapeutic interventions in every psychiatric unit.

Key words: Psychotherapeutic interventions, descriptive, psychodynamic diagnosis, inpatient, child psychiatric / psychiatric unit

S.N. Salpistis (page 254) - Full article (Greek)