One of the most challenging patient groups that the psychiatrist of consultation-liaison psychiatry is called to work with, are the patients with Renal Failure, since this disease is related to complicated and multidimensional physical and psychosocial problems. In this review, a holistic approach is attempted, considering the biological, psychological and psychosocial factors related to the disease and to specific therapeutical programs as well. The interaction of these factors and their impact not only on the course of the disease, but also on the quality of life are discussed. Finally, a brief report on psychosocial and pharmaceutical interventions indicated for this group of patients is made, especially concerning the psychological and psychosocial consequences of renal failure.

Key words: Renal  failure,  extrarenal  clearance,  psychological,  psychosocial  impact, consultationliaison psychiatry

S. Spyridi, A. Iakovidis, G. Kaprinis (page 28) - Full article (Greek)