The objective of this study was to estimate the direct annual cost of treating patients with schizophrenia in Greece in 2005. Due to the lack of quantitative data, information on the treatment pathway and medical resource utilization of patients were collected from a consensus panel of 9 psychiatrists and 5 health economists. For estimating the costs a bottom up approach from the National Health System perspective was used. The panel of experts defined three patient categories based on the severity of the disease and the medical setting where treatment is received: (a) outpatient setting, (b) ambulatory care, (c) inpatient setting and long-term care. The annual direct cost of treatment per patient was found to be 3,187 € (2,659–4,166 €) in the first category, 10,135 € (7,429–13,972 €) in the second category and 20,782 € (17,482–25,462 €) in the third category. The total cost of treatment increased with the severity of the disease and the use of hospitalization. Systematic data collection on medical resource utilization must be established at the national level to facilitate further research, guide the efficient use of resources and improve the healthcare provision.

Key words: Schizophrenia, cure, cost, Greece.

M. Geitona, M. Ollandezos, C. Kousoulakou, E. Agelopoulos, K. Zaharakis, P. Kakavas, B. Karpouza, S. Kesidou, N. Bilanakis, E. Papamichael, S. Papanicolaou, A. Chaidemenos, Th. Chamogeorgakis, J. Kyriopoulos (page 49) - Full article (Greek)