F. Dalal: Taking the Group Seriously: Towards a Post-Foulkesian Group Analytic Theory Kanaki Publ. Group Analysis, Athens 2008 ISBN: 978-960-7420-93-0

 This is the first, translated in greek, book on groupanalytic theory, aiming to develop a new group-analytic theoretical paradigm, based on the “radical” ideas of S.H. Foulkes and the ideas of the sociologist,Norbert Elias. The author attempts, in five chapters, to reword the group analytic theory, using the theory of Norbert Elias on Interdependence and Symbols. According to F. Dalal the effort to take the group and the group-analytic theory seriously, must be grounded on a new way of thinking, a new language anda new way of experience of the group and the self, which will consider that a person is a level of a group. This, group-analytic way of thinking, imposes a new understanding of social unconscious, which includes inevitably ideology and power relationships.

Α. Stamataki


Jeremy Holmes John Bowlby and the attachment theory Translation: G. Athanasiou, Th. Athanasiou Editors: E. Andritsanou, J. Zervas Editions Ellinika Grammata, Athens 2009 ISBN: 978-960-19-0520-4

The biography and the scientific contribution of J. Bowlby are presented and commented by his biographer. All the aspects of the attachment theory are presented, including the influence of Bowlby’s approach on several clinical and research fields. A glossary facilitates unfamiliar readers to approach the technical terms included in the text. 

D.N. Ploumpidis
Assoc. Professor of Psychiatry

(page 164)