Schizophrenia has been associated in the eyes of the public with unprovoked violence and aggression. This publicassumption increases the stigmatization and marginalisation not only for the individuals suffering from schizophreniabut also for all sufferers of mental illness. Our knowledge about the dangerousness of the patients sufferingfrom schizophrenia has evolved through various stages. Initially it was accepted that all schizophrenics are dangerous,belief which was based on solitary case reports. Based on epidemiological studies with more solid methodology,this assumption was challenged and the “pendulum” swung in the other direction. Haffner, for instance, statedin 19731: “Schizophrenia sufferers have equal chances with the general population to engage in violent criminalacts”. This belief had a substantial contribution in the fight to reduce stigma and marginalisation for schizophreniasufferers and is partly correct.

L. Lykouras, A. Douzenis (page 107) - Full article