Moral theories in medicine and psychiatry - G. Christodoulou (page 305)
Special articles
Compulsory hospitalisation and optimal mental health care: A European perspective and the example of Greece - D.J. Pallis, N.S. Apostolou, M.P. Economou, C.N. Stefanis (page 307)
Drug-induced tardive motor syndromes - B. Havaki-Kontaxaki, A. Komborozos, V. Kontaxakis (page 315)
Addiction, culture and family therapy strategies - N. el-Guebaly, G. Corro, M. Clerici, H. Ghodse, F. Poldrugo (page 331)
On the concept of vulnerability, identity and nostalgia affecting the immigrational experience - N. Dunkas (page 337)
Research articles
Challenging behaviours on people with autism: A case study on the effect of a residential training programme based on structured teaching and TEACCH method - P. Siaperas, S. Higgins, P. Proios (page 343)
"Hysteria" near the end of the twentieth century in Athens - I.M. Zervas, A. Pehlivanidis, O. Botsari, Chr. Dimitrakopoulos, M. Markidis, G.N. Christodoulou (page 351)
Evaluation of therapy with clozapine in outpatient treatment-resistant schizophrenics in Cyprus - Y. Mikellidis (page 361)
Consensus statement on psychiatric prevention From the WPA Section on Preventive Psychiatry (page 369)

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Συναινετική διακήρυξη για την ψυχιατρική πρόληψη  (Αγγλικά) (σελίδα 369)