Global mental health N. Bouras  293
Research articles
Association of serum BDNF and val66met polymorphism of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor in a sample of first psychotic episode patients E.N. Rizos, N. Siafakas, N. Stefanis, A. Douzenis, V. Kontaxakis, E. Laskos, A. Kastania, V. Zoumbourlis, L. Lykouras  297
Attitudes on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide among medical students in Athens V.P. Kontaxakis, K.G. Paplos, B.J. Havaki-Kontaxaki, P. Ferentinos,
M-I.V. Kontaxaki, C.T. Kollias, E. Lykouras  305
Fatigue and somatic anxiety in patients with major depression P.P. Ferentinos, V.P. Kontaxakis, B.J. Havaki-Kontaxaki, D.G. Dikeos, G.N. Papadimitriou . 312
Clinical symptoms and social functioning among immigrant and greek patients with schizophrenia: A comparative study H. Lempesi, D. Ploumpidis, V.P. Kontaxakis, B.J. Havaki-Kontaxaki,G. Konstantakopoulos, F. Gonidakis, G.N. Papadimitriou . 319
Acquired competence in cognitive therapy following a two level course A. Pehlivanidis, K. Papanikolaou, Y. Zervas, A. Liossi, A. Politis, S. Portinou,
V.M. Papakosta, S. Simidala, G. Papakostas . 329
Special articles
Doping in sports D.A. Baron, T. Foley . 336
Psychoanalysis and the public health sector: The Greek experience D.C. Anagnostopoulos, N.G. Christodoulou, D.N. Ploumpidis  342
UEMS Working Group - Compulsory treatment in the community . 351
Books review . 354

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