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Special articles
A novel, metaphor-based description of the structural and functional aspects of cognitions for the clinical setting Y.G. Papakostas, T.J. Petersen  299
Smoking in patients with psychiatric disorders: Effects on their psychopathology and quality of life C. Tsopelas, K. Kardaras, V. Kontaxakis . 306
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Deinstitutionalization in Greece: Ethical problems D. Ploumpidis, T. Garanis-Papadatos, M. Economou  320
The notion of “Sisyphus task” in medicine: A reconstruction Y.G. Papakostas, V.M. Papakosta, M. Markianos . 330
Research article
Public opinions about mental illness in a Greek area: The influence of socio-demographic factors O.D. Mouzas, N.V. Angelopoulos, A. Liakos . 337
General article
Mental and physical health-A holistic approach M. Malliori  350
Case report
Quetiapine monotherapy in bipolar disorder: Two years maintenance treatment in an elderly woman I. Michopoulos, G. Bouras, G. Moussas, L. Lykouras . 355

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